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An Entrepreneur having worked with startups and multibillion business enterprises, focusing on building best in class teams delivering results. International strategy consultant with expertise working in over 49 countries alongside global consultancy houses Accenture, Deloitte and some of the world’s leading Financial institutions.

Professor of Chemistry and Brain Research Foundation Fellow, University of Chicago. Pioneered the application of DNA nanotechnology to live imaging through groundbreaking academic research in world-class institutions. Known for innovative approaches to scientific problems. Has won numerous prestigious awards with multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals internationally

A science-based business leader with a broad 40-year healthcare leadership background, Frank has led new drug and device product strategy, clinical development, business development in/out-licensing, commercial brand and payer marketing and research, corporate strategic planning and chemistry, manufacturing and control.

A science-based business leader with over 30 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry and a broad background in leadership across a wide range of technologies and disease areas, Don has held director-level positions in quality assurance/control and regulatory affairs (Rhone-Poulenc Rorer and Cephalon); and drug development, commercialization, and business development (AstraZeneca).

Aditya Shekhar is an experienced biomedical researcher and brand strategist. He has contributed to over twenty publications in peer-reviewed medical journals and given presentations at several major medical conferences.

Aditya Shekhar - 

Aditya Shekhar - Director of Brand and Marketing

Advisory Committee

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