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Fighting COVID-19

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Enabling Drug Development

For many coronaviruses, cell entry pathway initiates either by fusion with the host cell’s membrane or through endocytosis, forming endocytic organelles. These processes deliver viral RNA genetic material to host cell cytoplasm, exploiting various cellular mechanisms of the host for virus components reproduction and assembly



Esya Lab’s targeted DNA nanoprobes enable in vivo non-invasive tracking of the virus life cycle inside endocytic organelles (early/late endosome and lysosome), while monitoring the effects of anti-viral drugs by reporting on local pH and ion concentration in various subcellular compartments. 

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Using Esya's Probes and Analytics for Covid-19 Drug discovery


In-Cell and In-Vitro Probes

Most drug discovery efforts are directed towards either inhibiting (1) Fusion, (2) Endocytosis, (3) Translation & Replication and (4) Packaging. Esya patented probes-based assays can be used as valuable tools in such drug discovery efforts:

  • Our in-cell probes can assist in initial drug activity screens as well as help in understanding the mechanism of their action (category 2).

  • Our In Vitro probes enable screening of viral membrane channels as well as host ion pumps inhibitors (modulated by viroporins) in artificial lipid systems (GUVs/liposomes/lipid bilayers) using ratiometric fluorescence-based quantification (categories 1 & 4).

Our Value Proposition

Esya in-cell and in-vitro products are ratiometric probes that allow direct comparison of results across multiple samples, which distinguish them from other options currently available on the market. For High Throughput Screening (HTS) assays, Our probes ensure that observable changes come only from the biological sample and not from the reagent. With other commercially available alternatives, the variability comes from both the biological samples as well as the probes themselves. Our probes can be used directly on all types of patient-derived cells, including skin biopsies and circulating cells. This is also not the case with most probes on the market.

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