Biomarkers and 

Subcellular Diagnostics

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We are a precision biomarker company providing groundbreaking molecular insights to facilitate drug discovery, diagnostics, and personalized medicine, by profiling ion signatures within key organelles. 



Adding our proprietary probes to samples obtained non-invasively from patients, we can quantifiably analyze biomarker reports using our custom-designed machine-learning analytics, which are designed to recognize specific responses from our probes.

With these insights, we will be able to measure and monitor disease progression, quantify a given individual's response to a treatment, reveal the efficacy and specificity of a drug, and phenotype diseases to discover new therapeutics 



Esya's DNA probes can ratiometrically quantify ions within endocytic organelles – such as endosomes and lysosomes – to better understand various conditions, including Lysosomal Storage Disorders and Alzheimer's Disease.

Our DNA nanodevices are sensors made from DNA filaments knitted together to hold finely-tuned measuring devices that target specific chemicals.

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