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We are a start-up originally spun out of Dr. Yamuna Krishnan’s lab at the University of Chicago, now based across London, UK, and the U.S. 

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Prof. Dr. Yamuna Krishnan

Co-founder & Chief Science Officer

Yamuna is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Chicago where she has pioneered the application of DNA nanotechnology to live cell imaging.​​


She is also the youngest woman in history to win India’s highest scientific recognition, originated multiple patents and published across numerous peer-reviewed journals​


Markus Zejermann


Markus is a seasoned finance professional and technology-driven company builder.​


He brings 15 years of experience across Private Equity and business consulting and has focused on helping companies scale.​​


Anand Saminathan

Research Biochemist

Anand is a cell chemist and postgraduate researcher.


Anand is focused on developing techniques to probe biochemical and biophysical properties of cell membrane. He was pivotal in the development of our Voltair sensor for example, which probes the membrane potential difference across organellar membranes


Aditya Shekhar

Marketing Director

Aditya Shekhar is an experienced biomedical researcher, science communicator, and brand strategist.


He has contributed to over thirty publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, given presentations at several major medical conferences, and has had his work be featured by prestigious professional associations.


Dhivya Venkat

Co-founder & CEO

Dhivya is a passionate Entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in defining winning strategies and building high performance teams.​

Her consulting experience stretches 50+ countries and the range from startup to corporate. She worked alongside Accenture, Deloitte and world leading Financial firms.​


Dr. Souvik Modi

Lead Scientist Alzheimer's

Souvik comes with a PhD in Chemistry and 15+ years experience in biotech R&D during which he co-invented some of Esya’s IP and pioneered its intracellular targeting.


He received some of Europe’s most prestigious fellowships and published in high impact journals.


Kaho Leung

Research Biologist

Kaho is a cell chemist and postdoctoral researcher.

At Esya, he is focused on the research and development of new nanodevices for quantitative imaging and the application in cell physiology studies.

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