Team Support (Part-Time)

based in London, UK

ESYA is building a dynamic team that is passionate about translating new discoveries at the nexus of biotechnology, cell biology, imaging, and neurology. We are expanding our research capabilities in our newly established London laboratory and are seeking an experienced Chemical Biologist to join our growing research team.


More than just a team support role! Help us build the operational infrastructure to the business, and learn some bookkeeping along the way, compile HR manuals and processes, and make sure all i’s are dotted, T’s are crossed and no ball gets lost or dropped. 


  • Unique learning opportunity in neurology and the pathways of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Opportunities to work with leading researchers in molecular biology.
  • A competitive salary, reviewed annually, combined with an attractive bonus structure.
  • Flexible working hours (core hours 10-4, with a 40-hour working week).
  • Ongoing professional development support and a significant opportunity to grow with our company.

If you crave challenges and understudied problems, there’s no better place to be.

Esya is a dynamic company operating at the intersection of biochemistry, technology, and medicine.

​If you crave challenges, understudied problems, and the chance to see your work impact the millions of lives touched by Alzheimer’s Disease, there’s no better place to be.