Molecular Biomarkers  and Subcellular Diagnostics

We are a precision biomarker company providing groundbreaking molecular insights to facilitate drug discovery, diagnostics, and personalized medicine, by profiling ion signatures within key organelles. 

By chemically profiling various biological markers, such as lysosomal ion signatures, our technologies can help decode the underpinnings of a number of different diseases, as well as test potential drug treatments and therapies. Our probes and sensors can easily facilitate the monitoring of disease progression, as well as evaluate the efficacy of various therapeutic tools by pre-assessing the suitability of different patient cohorts or measuring an individual's response to a specific therapy.

Subcellular Imaging


Data Science-Based, AI-Enabled Workflows


Disease Modeling 

and Therapeutic Insights

Probes Designed To

Measure and monitor disease progression

Non-invasively quantify a patient's response to a treatment

Reveal the efficacy and specificity of a drug

Phenotype diseases to discover new therapeutics

Our team is comprised of highly-experienced researchers and

business professionals from the biotechnology sector. 

Dhivya Venkat,

Co-Founder and CEO

Yamuna Krishnan,

Co-Founder and CSO

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